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Concealed Carry Purses by JPaul Jerryls!

Hello! And welcome to our concealed carry purse site!

Here at JPaul Jerryls we understand everyone is not comfortable with firearms. For those of you who are, we offer on these pages a large selection of purses and handbags designed to give you easy access to your concealed weapon.

Ideally, concealed carry should be done on the body. However, there are times when it is impractical, if not impossible to do so. The solution? Off-Body concealed carry. New to our great line of concealed carry purses is the Leather Waist Pack. It features an easy access hidden weapon compartment. Just like our cross-body bags, it is worn securely on the body giving you ready access to your must-carry belongings as well as your security weapon.

For those of you are not comfortable with firearms, may we point out that you need not be "unarmed". There are other "weapons" than guns. Whether your choice is tear gas, pepper spray, a stun gun, or any of a myriad of other items to fend off an attacker, you'll find these stylish purses with their easy-access concealed weapon compartment very reassuring.

Finally, we would like to remind visitors to this site we use PayPal to administer the shopping cart, (the avenue to actually purchase these products), for our site. You are under no obligation whatsoever to open a PayPal account in order to shop with us. They accept Debit and Credit cards without requiring you to open an account with them.
However, PayPal does offer a great advantage for those of you who would love to purchase one or more of these quality concealed carry purses. With approved credit, you can take up to Six Months to Pay with "NO" interest! This PayPal offer is for purchases above $99.00. What a great offer!

And please remember, here at JPaul Jerryls Concealed Carry Purse, Shipping is FREE on all of our bags!

As we continue to add other products to our site, we'd like to remind all of you to return often to explore. Enjoy your visit!

Tooled American Cowhide

Beautiful "WEARABLE" Art! Concealed Carry Purse


GTM-22 Tooled American Cowhide Concealed Carry Purse.


Stylish, functional, with plenty of room inside! Cross-body shoulder bag.


GTM-50, Uptown concealed weapon shoulder purse.
Leather Concealed Carry Waist Pack.
Leather Waist Pack



GTM-CZY-02, the Vintage Messenger concealed carry Bag
Vintage Messenger Bag



Concealed carry leather duffel, GTM-CZY-03.
Leather Duffel






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